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Are You Ready? Put On Your Boots. Because, It Is Stomping Time!

Help us improve the health of millions of people. Take the StompOut Tobacco Petition Challenge.

StompOut Tobacco, prepare yourself to be a part of changing the world. Join everyone in the world, take the StompOut Tobacco Petition Mission.

StompOut Tobacco, a division of the 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation Worldwide Help Alliance Team, Inc. ("What.NGO"), has a challenging mission. What.NGO has given us the responsibility of presenting a petition to everyone, from every country.

Why A Petition Mission Challenge?

Our petition sets forth a list of instructions to governments that it is time to end their partnerships with big tobacco, and to stop the growth, manufacturing, and sale of tobacco products.

Because, thanks to governments' partnerships with big tobacco, the amount of new tobacco users is increasing for the first time in many years. Our governments have ignored the research that they relied upon in countless lawsuits against big tobacco that detail the illnesses and death caused by tobacco to millions of people around the world, for hundreds of years.

Some Governments Make More On The Sale Of A Pack Of Cigarettes Than Tobacco Manufacturers

Why haven't governments stopped the growth and sale of tobacco products?


In fact, some governments, such as the United States, make more on the sale of a pack of cigarettes than do tobacco manufacturers

All Petition Mission Participants All Will Receive A Reward!

Help us deliver the largest anti-tobacco petition in history to governments from countries across the globe. Signing is easy, go to, add your first name and signature to our petition.

Our Petition Mission Challenge Sponsor is ButtOut Crypto


It's True,

All Participants in the will receive a reward. Proof that's there's no better way to help an important cause, be part of a group of people who want to change for the world for the better, and receive a reward, than to take part in the Petition Mission Challenge.

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Howard Chester
Howard Chester
Nov 14, 2022

You guys should be really proud of this initiative.


Admin Team
Admin Team
Nov 14, 2022

Sign an important, and receive a reward to boot. WOW! Count us in!

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