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ButtOut is The People's Token


A Decentralized Blockchain-Based Protocol That Evolved Into A Vibrant Ecosystem, ButtOut is a decentralized community-driven digital currency that can be used as a medium of exchange or to facilitate trade.

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ButtOut's Mission

Tobacco is not banned in almost all countries, despite being dangerous and harmful. This is because governments make a tremendous amount of money with taxes from the tobacco industry.

This is where ButtOut comes into play. The mission and vision are to inform people about the truth behind the tobacco industry and why it is a much bigger problem than you think.










The $Butt Token

The $BUTT token is our foundational currency with a one billion (1,000,000,000) total token supply that allows investors to hold it in their wallets to earn profits and appreciation.

ButtOut Tokenomics

10% Team—For development & Future Burns.

10% Marketing—To promote the project.

40% Reward—To reward Stomp Out Tobacco challenge winners.

40% Collaboration—To collaborate with other non-profits & NGOs.

ButtOut Road Map

Phase 01

  • Token Launch

  • Website Launch

  • Whitepaper Launch

Phase 02

  • Stomp Out Tobacco Challenge

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Listing on Popular Exchanges

Phase 03

  • Partnership with NGOs/Non-profits

  • Encourage Students/Youngsters

  • Collaboration with Influencers

Phase 04

  • NFT Release

  • Stomp Out Tobacco Challenge Promotion

  • Stomp Out Tobacco Challenge Reward

Join The Stomp Out Tobacco Challenge

Join the mission to end all tobacco products’ commercial growth, manufacturing, and sale. If enough people participate in the challenge, the world’s politicians will finally realize that their partnership with big tobacco is no longer acceptable, thus bringing about the end of the ugly partnership.

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